Custom Diamond Turned Optical Components

A.M.F. Optics. Inc. through its affiliate American Diamond Turning LLC. provides precision diamond turned optics from prototypes to production level to your specifications at our manufacturing plant. Using our single point diamond turning technology coupled with Ultra-comp, a form measurement and correction package, the technician is able verify shape through on-board metrology. With our additional testing capabilities we can satisfy all your needs.

Products & Services
• Aspheres, Spheres, Diffractives & Mirrors
• Precision Metrology & Inspection
• IR Materials, Crystals, Metals, Polymers
• From Design to Production
• Conventional Optics Capability

Materials include:
• Crystals- Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2
• Metals- Al, Tin, Copper, Nickel
• Polymers- Acrylics, Polycarbonate, Plastics